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  • Yes, I noticed the new version, but it wasn't on stock and I thought this would fit right out of the box. I have a way to make it fit. It's not as clean as yours but it works and it's free and you don't have to wait for it to arrive.

    The problem this 20-something pin cable is that it won't fit on the 40 pin header on the B+ because the plastic assembly is too long on one side. A way to make it shorter is to break the clip that is on the side that won't fit. It's also a way to get a polarized plug! I broke apart a couple of old ribbon cables first to make sure this method wasn't going to damage the Pi Wedge's cable, and it doesn't. It won't tear apart unless you try to. Of course, intentionally breaking the cable means you cannot return it to Sparkfun, but I don't mind, it fits now.

  • I was just about to bend the pins when I read your answer. Doh! Now it's time to find dem stackable headers.

  • Isn't this a bit too expensive for a plastic box, some wheels and 4 motors with reduction boxes? I don't really see anything that justifies the $45 price tag :/

  • There is a way around it: http://www.geofex.com/article_folders/bypass/bypass.htm

  • Yes. It would be a very nice addition.

  • This is a very late response, but anybody in this situation can simply connect the LCD in series with a MOSFET. YOu can then switch the LCD on and off from a microcontroller. Remember to leave all the microcontroller outputs floating because power can still flow into the LCD if you keep these in certain states.

  • It's better to use PWM and a temperature sensor. PWM is better than a DAC because less heat is dissipated through the transistor that is going to control the blower. As for the temperature sensor, I recommend you to use a thermocouple and an appropriate chip to receive these values. I think there's an Arduino example for that. (I even found a shield on a quick google search). Inside the chip you will basically compare the set temperature against the measured temperature and adjust the motor until the readings are the same. You have to do something to slow down the motor response, so that it doesn't en up turning all the way on or off like a clothes iron.

  • This is for a Duracell battery, but given the fierce competition, the specs should be similar. It's under Nominal Internal Impedance and it tends to get worse as the battery gets discharged.

  • Something like the Power Driver Shield will do the job easily. Having that computer power supply is almost overkill unless you want to use more solenoids and power more motors and mechanical actuators and stuff like that.

  • The Zigbee radio is used to connect with other Nests in the house when WiFi is not available.