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  • That is brilliant!
    Now for you to find a UK distributor. Preferably one that doesn't leave it cheaper to buy direct from the USA, even with the shipping!

  • Anyone know anything about the Bucktoot LED driver? I've got one and it's doing funny things.
    I wired it to one of the 1W luxeon SMD chips and it turns on slowly, then steps the brightness down for a few steps, then goes out. Does this with both a high current capable lithium set at ~8V and an 18V NiCd, so I'm not sure what is going on.
    Also, take care if checking both sides of the BuckToot with a scope. I just pumped 18V through my LED when I connected one channel to one side and the other channel to the other. :-(

  • Would this take a car driving over it? Would it work outside?

  • It has to be to be safe.
    If the voltage floated upwards, you might end up with a very high voltage being shocked into the cell when you connect it, which given how sensitive lithium batteries (and the often built in protection circuits) are might be a nightmare.

  • I'm shaving a yak while reading this post!
    Now, I'm just going to post this pointless message, then I'm going to get on with looking up whatever I was looking up before I got onto this, which was to do with the stepper on my desk, which is meant to be in a machine, with some code I was writing, once I've got the machine design set up right.

  • Well, since SPARC already have a trademark in various computer areas, and have been around for many, many years, they have priority, and you'd have to be pretty dim to go up against that in court.
    SPARC and SPARK sound very much the same to my ear, so it would be close enough for the court and lawyers.
    At the end of the day, Sparkfun could throw a few million at the lawyers, but then who would win? Only the lawyers, regardless of outcome.

  • No, don't.
    SPARC did what was required of them BY LAW! They behaved very nicely, and they didn't sue or cost Sparkfun millions of dollars, when they could have, without even trying.
    You should be saying nice things about SPARC and Sparkfun, as both have come out of this happy. And you should be too.

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