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  • That has not been my experience. I was unable to fix a board, or even test potential problem components due to this stuff. It gets everywhere and is nearly impossible to remove sufficiently to desolder components without damaging the board or components. This coating has two purposes: 1.) Protect the board from the elements and 2.) protect the board from tinkerers.

  • Please, for the love of God, do not do this! Please don’t prevent your customers from hacking/fixing your boards. Seriously. This would keep me from buying any Sparkfun board.

  • When I saw this, my knee jerk reaction was to be incensed. Why is Sparkfun pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with electronics? How is this necessary? I quickly calmed down, and thought I would ask that they keep matters of a political and/or social nature off of their site, out of respect of their customers that disagree with their views.


    Then I thought, “What would I do if I owned Sparkfun?” As a Christian, I would make a similar post, but I would tie my beliefs into the business (Are there Christian hackers? No idea!). I would expect the same type of comments, but from a different crowd. I wouldn’t remove the post or change it in any way just because a few were offended. I have heard time and time again how Christian business owners need to keep their beliefs to themselves and I get upset by that thought. And yet, I was very close to making the same assertion here.

    Disagree, but act in the same fashion that you would want to be treated. If you cannot be respectful, remain silent.

  • I ended up buying the load cell from another company. What I find odd is that Sparkfun’s load cell selection is for large load load cells. It is almost like they have fallen victim to the “bigger is better” mentality. There isn’t, or at least wasn’t (I haven’t checked again), a single small load cell among the selection. Large load cells have their place, but I suspect that most hobbyists would rather have the smaller cells.

  • I just received mine. I need one gram resolution, so this will not work for me, but I am also metrically challenged and didn’t realize the dimensions. :/ This thing is MASSIVE! It’s 5 1/8" long x 1 ¼" wide x 7/8" tall!

    Of course I could have looked at the picture with the handy rulers, but that’s crazy talk! That’s like reading a manual. No one does that!

  • 2 km of four strand wire for $57?! Screw the load cell! I’ll take two!

  • Thanks for the reply! That was the information I was looking for. Now that I know, it seems obvious, but before I was struggling to understand load cell ratings.

    I ended up ordering the 10 kg wide bar load cell. :/ Seems that may have been a mistake as well…

  • What is the resolution? I do a lot of baking and need at least 1 gram resolution. I’ve been wanting to make my own scale for quite some time.

  • I like Sparkfun and I support them. The only time I buy electronics elsewhere is if I need it quickly and Sparkfun is out, or if Sparkfun doesn’t carry what I need. It’s $5 well spent, IMO.

  • It’s sad that the digit isn’t symmetrical. I’m making a digital clock out of four of these and missed that the center segment is closer to the top of the digit. I was going to flip the 3rd digit over so that the two decimal points would form a colon. :/

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