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  • I haven't been able to fix it. Unfortunately, I gave up on using this module for the project and moved to a wired solution. If anybody has solved this, I'd love to hear about it.

  • I've got microphone audio input working, and can stream audio to my laptop, but I'm getting a lot of popping noises from the baseline. I've implemented the filtering scheme (using the capacitors and resistors) they specify in the datasheet, and that did help somewhat with static and hum, but I'm still getting random pops, even when the device isn't connected to anything. Has anybody been able to implement this without the noise? Is anybody experiencing the same thing? Sample of the noise, and picture of implementation on SoundCloud.

  • So, I noticed in that Invensense is trying to submit drivers for the MPU series for the Linux Kernel. I haven't been able to find the full source that they're trying to submit, but it does look like there are references to DMP firmware in what I could find. Also it appears that much of the MPU-6X50 commands are identical to the new MPU-9150.

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