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  • Just read all the comments, saw the question asked, but no answer...will this unit work with the Aoyue nozzles? Thanks!

  • Nice board!

  • Either I'm doing something wrong or the MaxM is completely underwhelming. Feeding it a clean 12v @ 2A through the barrel connector, wrote a small sketch to take all LEDs to full...lame. I need something brighter. May gut the board and ditch the LEDs...

  • Didn't have any issues soldering three boards and associated headers. Used .031", 63/37 solder, iron at about 720°...placed a little dab of solder on the tip, touched it to the pin and then barely touched the pin with a separate piece of solder. Checked the joints with a magnifying glass and touched up any that were suspect.

  • Completely agree. At least we can hold our phones and not lose our signal!

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