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  • Is this board designed to fit in the Clear SparkFun project case (Stock No. WIG-08632)?

  • Can you please make the v2 datasheet, schematic, and firmware (source) available, please? Thank you.
    I take it the string is "#RH,Tf_SHT,Tc_SCP,Tf_SCP,Press,Light,Ready,Counter$" where
    "RH" - Rel Humidity in %
    "Tf_SHT" - temp F of the SHT15,
    "Tc_SCP" - temp C of the SCP1000,
    "Tf_SCP" - calc temp in F of the SCP1000,
    "Press" - pressure in Pascals,
    "Light" the raw value from the TEMT6000,
    "Ready" - ?? 0 is ready, non-zero waiting?
    "Counter" - counter

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