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  • thanks for the advice. that works great. next up is a programming/functionality question: once a file is playing, may I send the Trigger a "v" command to change the volume up/down thereby varying the volume mid-song (without disrupting the song's playback)?

  • I have what for all of you is a most simple project. I'd like to be able to push keys on a sparkfun matrix keypad and then have the MP3 trigger play different files (out of a selection of 100+ sound files). I have the keypad connected to an Arduino Uno. So do I simply connect the Arduino Uno TX line to the MP3 Trigger V2 RX line? and have the baud rate set for 9600 bps? then find some Arduino code that allows me to send a "t" and the sound file number to the Trigger V2? is that it? or do I need to convert an analog port/pin on the Uno into some sort of softserial comm port? (I've been reading lots of threads but don't quite get it). Any help is really really appreciated.

  • Novice Dave,
    I have the same "requirement" as you for a larger display that is a drop-in replacement. Have you found one yet? (naturally since I'm writing to you I haven't discovered one yet).

  • I only require a single motor, therefore I do not need the second motor "control". May I simply ignore the connections to motor 2 - but not cut the wire traces - and use those pins for other project needs (like communicating with the color LCD shield)?

  • Prof Bob (et al): I, too, suffered long and hard through the "bad boards" saga. thanks for the fix. i wish I would have looked here before wasting so much time. lesson learned.

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