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  • the gyros on this board turns me crazy!
    i have the problem that every axis on this board react fast if the motion starts but if the motion stops the value needs some time to turn back to zero.
    a solution that works a bit is to set the HP filter - each time if i read the values - but than i got not the right angles.
    if turn the sensor 90? i get 29? and even this value changes dependents on the delay of that i have inside the loop?
    i got today also a idg500 Gyroboard ant this works more the fine!
    so could this be a problem of this IMU board ?
    here is the code:
    gyro_z = getAdc(8);
    float newTime = millis();
    float savetime = newTime - oldtime;
    oldtime = newTime;
    // (currentGyroValue * Vdd / AdcRes - ZeroRateLevel) / Sensitivity(3)
    gyroRad_z = ((gyro_z * 3300.00 / 4096.00 - 1230.00 ) / 3.33);
    currentangle += gyroRad_z_0 + ((gyroRad_z) * ( savetime / 1000.00)) ;

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