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  • i just got the chip a week or 2 ago and haven't powered it up but i hope i understand the coding example from FreeGroup.
    it appears that the 0x32 (pg 9 tbl 1) is the I2C address that is being queried based on the documentation. this value is stored in the H file with
    const static int i2cAddress= (0x32 >> 1);
    once that address is being communicated with the 0x50 (pg 10 Tbl 2) command is sent to request data
    Post Heading Data. HeadMSB, HeadLSB, PitchMSB, PitchLSB, RollMSB, RollLSB
    hope that helps. i will try it in the next few days and see if i really do understand it.