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  • Note: He /did/ get his order through.
    But that isn’t the point… I am sure that a project/design competition with 100000usd of prizes (for example, the competition pays for up to (100000/number_of_winners)usd of your parts) would be a much more positive experience (for /all/ involved… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone really that angry after not winning a design competition, due to the learning experience, etc.) than some mindless lottery. The difference is, a very small portion (presumably none) of those who get the prizes would resell them, and you wouldn’t waste 2+ hours trying to “win” something randomly. It would support a lot more of said “broke students” who need to buy parts for a design project.
    I didn’t get the free order, but I wasn’t disappointed by this (100usd isn’t so much if you are in $10000+ of loans for school), but rather by the sheer mindlessness of the event.

  • This is indeed a hard problem ;)

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