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  • Unfortunately, this Sparkfun module is the GFX firmware. There’s not a lot to be done out of the box. I think most hobbyist will want the simpler SGC firmware which requires a firmware upload. And that involves a PC-uLCD five-wire serial connection.
    As a complete n00b, the reset line is a pretty decent gotcha. Most of the 232-TTL modules I’ve seen come with a DB9 and 4 lines (+,-,rx,tx). That is, there was no way to grab RTS. A friend suggested a FTDI board or a “bub board.” I wasn’t sure if it was a slam dunk so I ended up wiring together a MAX232 using the manufacturers directions found here: (question 4)
    Parts cost less than $10 and it worked on the first try. Got all the demos running in GFX mode for fun. Got SFX working with basic 9600 serial. The plan is to get this talking to an Arduino rather than a PC next. Total investment: $45 and 1 hour.

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