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  • A light up shoe kit. Basically a small ribbon of SMT leds that can wrap around a shoe with a small pack that can fit somewhere with a microprocessor and coin cell.

  • -How about a Ardupilot clone so the circuit can fit into any size platform that it can be squished into. It could also act as a dampener for the sensors. -An MP3 player that's just the headphones, all the guts put into the headband. I don't like the wires -A benduino, just because. -A persistence of vision skip rope. -An LED matrix that you could stick on your shirt or other places.

  • If I'm designing system that has multiple sensors ( the same sensor ) with I2C connected to lengths of cable ( from 1 to 8 feet ) and use a multiplexer on the both the SDA and SCL lines ( as an alternate way to select a device since all devices have the same address ), where should I put the pullup resistors? Between the micro-controller and the multiplexer or on the PCB closer to the sensor? Seems like it should be closer to the sensor, but that's just a gut feeling without any sound scientifical reasoning( yes I did spell it wrong on purpose ). Any other related questions or input is welcome.

  • That link isn't working for me. Any chance you have a new link or a copy laying around?

  • Noob question. Can I use this as an external clock for an ITG-3200? I have a DS3234 but I am thinking that is overkill.

  • ditto here

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