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  • I work at Couchbase, a “big-data” database server vendor. Seems unlikely we’d use Raspberry Pi, when our customers run our software on huge fire-breathing Xeon clusters, right?

    One of our sales engineers, Fujio, built a mini server cluster out of eight(?) Pis, in a lucite shelf like the one in your picture above, installed Couchbase Server on each one, and took it to trade shows and conferences.

    This is a very hands-on, tactile way to demo Couchbase’s fault tolerance (just yank out one or two power cables, then run a query and show no data was lost!) and scalability (plug another Pi in, go to the admin console and add it to the cluster, then watch the queries-per-second graph jump!)

    Plus it looks cool. As a software company, it helps to have some cool blinkenlights in your booth, not just displays and brochures.

  • This seems like a bad deal on all fronts compared with the ESP32 Thing, which has more memory/storage and WiFi and BTLE, at the same price. (Also, how can you call this an “8-bit AVR microcontroller” when it has a 32-bit ARM CPU?)

  • Can’t you just run the blocking operation on a separate thread?

  • Could someone identify the board shown in the 4th product image — the one with the ring of LEDs(?) surrounding the encoder? I've looked through all the LED/EL products on the site and didn't find anything like this. I would LOVE something that would let me combine a rotary encoder with a visual indicator of the current position; it would be perfect for controlling synthesizers.

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