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  • Does anyone have any experience to compare this with the Honeywell mags?

  • Remember that RF line of sight is NOT the same as direct line of sight - you need to clear a football shaped path between the antennas.
    I tested these on PERFECTLY flat ice in Antarctica and was hard pressed to get more than 5 mi range on a loopback test when I could see the other antenna . Both antennas were 7dBi gain and heights were 4m and 1m. Longer range is only possible with much higher antennas.

  • I have a camera connected to a display and that works fine. When I hook the camera up to this, I get no output. When I look at the signal on the oscilloscope, the camera output looks like it’s shorted to ground, and the signal goes from a strong NTSC down to 0. Reset is pulled high and board is powered at 5 V.

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