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  • This is a great little WiFi. Needed to INVERT the RS232, but now works like a charm. Using the AdHoc mode, I ran 3.3 volt power, held the AdHoc line HIGH, run the RX,TX to a PIC 12Fxxx and out to my USB/RS232 dongle and in ten minutes, I was sending data and commands from my iPhone. Starting to write an iPhone/Android app to automate the process.

  • RS232 TX from WiFly Ver2.27 is INVERTED

  • ÖE"HiŒBdù³$’"KHLg“òÒ2RææSrRRæ–,,]féi9©¹)ÖE‘$iŒBdù³$’"KHLg“òÒ2RææSrRRf–,,]féi9©¹)Ö
    Receiving this string on startup

  • Experiencing UART transmission gibberish at 9600-8N1 on start-up - using 4 wire hookup Vdd,Vss,RX,TX

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