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  • No idea what you'd call that. 1/2-20 is a standard fine thread, but it shouldn't have a taper (could be for ease of injection molding instead of thread function). Or maybe its just what you said - they swung and missed.

    I think NPT taper is 3/4" per foot?

  • These look like 1/4" NPT (note that's the designation for pipe threads - NPT doesn't usually include TPI). A 1/4" NPT male thread is a little over 1/2" outside diameter and is 18 TPI.

    1/2" NPT male threads are nearly an inch in diameter.

  • For those who can't click on the datasheet link and read the first page, or google "diameter of US quarter", the datasheet says 13.5x26.0x 2.7 mm.

  • Depends on how you want to mount the antenna.

    2 wires 17.25" long, one in GND and the other in ANT, oriented vertically (one up the other down), will probably be the cheapest, easiest, quite effective, but might be a bit unwieldy and inconvenient when you add connections to your microcontroller.

    If you want a commercial antenna of some sort, a 2m ham antenna will probably work well.

  • Is this guy ESD safe? I'm looking for storage that will allow me to ditch some static bags.

  • It looks like it's designed to mate end-to-end with the pro mini. You may be looking at trying to stack them?

  • This is NOT a tilt compensated compass. This is a bundle of sensors that can be used to make a tilt compensated compass. There's lots of computation involved in going between magnetometer readings and compass readings (see the app note).

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