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  • They should fit fine. Banana plugs are generally a standard size, and are forgiving even if they aren't made to fit perfectly.

  • It's somewhat elusive, but to get this device working set your baud rate to 115,200 bps! Took me forever to figure this out.

  • The Mintyboost similarly uses a boost converter, so they should behave similarly in scavenging power from old batteries.

  • All the usual tactics should still work fine. You can hook them in series to add voltage, or parallel for bigger loads. Just treat them like 5V batteries.

  • Yep. It's a solder jumper so you just put a dab of solder on the pads and you're good!

  • This is great stuff. The metric gauge is 0.8mm, and according to the spool label the solder contains 2.5% flux. It's thin enough for surface mount but not too thin to do big through-hole joints like USB socket holders. I use it as my all-around solder and haven't had any problems.
    In my experience the solder works best at at least 650 F (350 C), and I usually put my iron around 700F (370 C) to make sure the joint gets hot enough. The solder flows well and made my transition to lead-free quite pleasant.
    I recommend this solder highly.