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  • Hello all, Quick question.. Does this module have the ability to automatically connect to any available unsecured wifi network or do you have to explicitly define the network to connect to? Example would be something like having this on a quadrotor that's flying through a neighborhood and connecting to any available unsecured network to transmit back its GPS coordinates. To elaborate, I would like to know if this can be done without a microcontroller for other applications. I would imagine it would be very easy to get a list of available networks from this module hand them over to a microcontroller and have the microcontroller select one of the unsecured networks found and connect to It so in short, can I use this module on its own to accomplish connecting to any available unsecured network? Thanks!

  • guys im still having a hell of a time getting this driver to drive...

    I was able to get the motor to step using a ULN2003AN connected to my arduino but when i use the BED all i get is studdering back and forth... Every once in awhile it will drive one way then sporadically change direction..

    Ive tried two different power DC supply's.. One 12V @ .5A and 30V @ 1A and i get the same results with both...

    Ive double and triple checked my wiring config and its correct..

    Ive adjusted the POT with no avail.

    I connect pairs A to A pairs B to B and leave the center coils disconnected.

    Ive tried every stepping mode the board offers and the default 1/16 microstepping mode is the only one that gets close to operating the stepper

    Ive used several different librarys including the AccelStepper to no avail..

    the stepper im using is a Japan Service Co. KH42JM2 NEMA 17 series stepper... Its rated for roughly 4.95V @ .85A in bi-polar config and ive read over and over that 12V @ 0.5A should be sufficient and that you can over volt the crap out of steppers..

    I also tried a stepper out of an old printer and again, the same results.

    Can anyone offer any assistance? What am i missing here?

    Motor Datasheet:

  • Uh yep... Mine fried as well.... Bought another one but it appears that was a mistake and a waste of another 24.00... This thing is junk... Take the advice of the developer himself and go with a Gecko driver...

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