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  • That's an awesome idea for checking the PCB, especially if it's parts are very short (SMD) an you can lay it flat. I've used my digital camera for the same purpose. I was attempting to fix a burned PCB for a friend and used the photos to read the part numbers and see the fine traces or burnt marks where they once were.

  • Your memory is good. Yes WDM and its counterparts DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and CWDM (Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing) are used in the communications industry to increase the bandwidth of a fiber. They use multiple wavelengths (1525–1565nm or 1570-1610nm) to transmit multiple sources of data on one fiber. They use optical mux and demux to combine/split the light into the individual components. I work at a cable company and we use it to combine upstream traffic from multiple smaller nodes in one area onto one fiber for a long haul run as opposed to tying up many fibers for the whole distance, saves money on glass which is expensive. I was reading somewhere that they have put over 128 individual wavelengths of light on 1 fiber. Amazing. It's very cool to see people doing this with cheap solutions compared to the stupid expensive enterprise market.

  • Overrulled, on the grounds that I kinda want to see the results in a video...

  • Awesomesauce.

  • ... he is now...

  • +1. I wish more people realized how important issues like this are and how it's no just somebody else's problem. It starts out that way and then we all have to deal with the consequences, both intended and unintended.

  • I applaud your decision to support free speach, open ideas, and due process. Yet another reason to support the Sparkfun team. Keep up the good work!

  • Alright, it's obvious you've missed the point :). Engineers spend most of their time doing exactly what's happening here, debating the best way to do something. Oh and on a side note... I would love to be making 50K a year, unfortunately many employers/consumers completely undervalue/underestimate the role engineering plays in our lives. Almost everything we interact with has some level of engineering behind it that most people never see or think of. Not all of us jump right out of school into a great job. (nope no bitterness here, none at all, moving on)...

  • I just want to thank everybody at Sparkfun. I got no gamma ray love yesterday, but I still appreciate the chance to win. I hope the people who just complain at how "unfair" the random thing was don't ruin it and leave bad thoughts. As for a social experiment it would have been great to see the individual users info as it's kind of a test to how much pain "reCaptcha solving" one can take for a chance at a reward. It's like self torture, maybe a new interrogation tactic?

  • Do we know if china can even see this page? The "great firewall of China" might have this page blocked due to it's openness and creative thinking.

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