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    Any advice on the best quality/value solder paste to buy and where to buy it --- for both dispenser application and for stencil application? Is $65 per 500g jar reasonable?
    How much trouble is lead-free solder paste versus normal paste (as if they aren't both poison)?

  • Applying solder paste with a stencil seems messy, and seems to have substantial time overheads for setup, redo when needed, cleaning stencils, cleaning poisons from the work area, cleaning hands, arms, and clothes... etc.
    Can someone who has ALSO applied solder paste manually with a "plunger type dispenser" or a "pressure-driven dispenser" [with foot-pedal] please compare the time and effort required? Also, please compare the likelihood of opens and shorts with these two methods.
    Also, I was looking at pick-and-place machines and noticed they are all quite fast at applying solder paste dots all over a PCB (10,000+ dots per hour for even slow-poke machines). This makes sense because the head only needs to move 1mm or so to apply the next dot, rather than 1 meter or so to pick up the next component and return to the location on the PCB. So my other question is --- if you have a pick-and-place machine, why in the world would you not that machine apply your solder paste?

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