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  • Can I ask when these will be back in stock?
    Also, when will the larger/Dean connector version be available?
    Also, when will the 180Amp version be available?

  • Hi
    Just download SF9DOF_AHRS_1_0 and used arduino-0018 IDE to compile and upload sketch to IMU via USB breakout board!
    When I run the serial monitor, set to 57600 baud, I get rubbish.
    COM3 is set to 57600,8,1,none. I get the same result use terminal software too?
    I can see in the code the Serial.begin(57600); so I dont understand why I’m getting rubbish output??
    Please help!

  • Hi
    I have just wired up my 9dof imu to a serial port and have selected option 3 from the boot menu.
    I am typicaly seeing values like this one :-
    x= 377, y= 364, z= 548
    I’m real new to this, but expected that these values would be degrees, i.e. 360 or less?
    Whats values am I seeing??
    Thanks in advance!

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