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  • Were the 2K input resistor such a good idea on the data pins? When driven low, the voltage delivered to the pin (with the 4.7K pullup) is 0.299 * VIO, while the spec for the chip says it needs a Vlow of 0.3 * VIO... Seems to be cutting it close.

    Still trouble shooting why no I2C comm on mine. Time to bust out with a soldering iron...

  • I would either contact the seller, maybe they were sold failed chips as someone else had said (failed final packaged test).
    I know that every MCU is tested at wafer level, binned, and sold accordingly. To save costs, the bad die are rarely inked anymore, just virtually marked in a bin report, sent to the package house.
    Are there numbers on the bottom of the chips which are bad? I have an ATMEGA32-16PC on my desk, with a date code of 0419 on the top, and 3N0697-1-355P6B 3N0416 stampped on the bottom. The numbers on the bottom have special meaning.
    Atmel FA (failure analysis) may be interested in a few pieces. They can de-cap them and look at any product IDs on the die. They are in Colorado Springs. I am sure they would be interested in any counterfit leads....
    I have the mailing address for some people there who can get a chip or two to where they need to go.

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