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  • News - Free Day 2012 is Under Wa… | about 2 years ago

    “ridiculous”? “nauseating”? “insulting”? Seriously? They are giving away $200,000 and you are complaining? If solving a few captchas isn’t worth $100 to you, then don’t bother.

    The ReCaptcha system that they are using is a free Captcha service provided by google which is used to crowd-source OCR for digitizing books. Sure, some of the scanned words contain math symbols or were scanned poorly, but in that case you can just click the little “refresh” icon in the ReCaptcha box and get a new image almost instantly.

  • News - It's Time Again - Caption… | about 2 years ago

    The guys in marketing went crazy after Emcee leaked Sparkfun’s new costumes product line in a caption contest.

  • Product PRT-00112 | about 4 years ago

    A nice breadboard, unlike other people are saying, my feet did NOT require extra adhesive, and the power rails are split in the middle… except one. Both the + and - rails on one side are split, but on the other side only the - rail is split. This was a little annoying, but I easily joined all the rails with some small jumpers, and I’ll probably open it up eventually for a better fix.

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