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  • I did exactly the same thing last year with a Tony Stark Arc Reactor prop. I'd noticed it getting uncomfortably hot after about 20 minutes - LEDs might be staggeringly more efficient than incandescent bulbs, but they still put out some heat!

    I shoved some card down behind it to protect my skin (it was elastoplasted to my chest, and I'm a hairy guy, so I didn't want to pull it off unless I needed to!) which seemed to work well enough. That is, until the end of the day when I finally took it off (aaaargh) and found a nice 5mm hole where one LED had cooked its way into my chest. Yikes!

  • You usually find glue over inductors not because they're mechanically flimsy, but because they're noisy. Depending on the frequency of the signal passing through the inductor, it can make an annoying buzzing sound as the changing magnetic field in the coils pull them back and forth. Glue helps to hold the coils in place and minimise the noise.

  • ArduPPM is a quite mature RC PWM decoder system (developed as part of the ArduPilot project) and the source (in the ardupilot source repository) is quite useful to have a look at.

    Also, if your RC receiver has a PPM output (and there are tutorials around on how to hack one in if it doesn't) that's even easier to read in, and you can get every channel using just one input pin on the arduino.

  • You guys sure are lucky with the sugru - I had one expired pack that wouldn't cure at all, and another that had already completely set before it was even opened. :P

  • Third year, no biscuit. I still love you Sparkfun, but I'm not going to bother in future.

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