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  • Amazing...breakout board that only costs 6 more than the wifi module (RN-171, available elsewhere for 29)? Too bad it doesn't break out the SPI pins though...

  • Also, does gainspan know you have their documents up on your site? If you go to their website, they require you to sign an NDA before they give you the datasheet (which seems kind of lame)

  • Will you be selling the module by itself? For people who want to save space and don't mind soldering tiny tiny wires?

  • dealextreme.com/p/mechanics-soldering-paste-50g-7952

  • If you buy the modules direct from sonmicro, they're only $20 instead of $30, and you can buy the required antenna for $3 as well -- only problem, they have a minimum order of $70, and shipping is another $30.
    If you want a module with an antenna, google "seeeedstudio 13.56Mhz RFID module - IOS/IEC 14443 type a" for a place to buy it. It's the same price as this one, but includes an antenna.

  • Hmm, I dunno, somehow I suspect a PIC programmer that many people reported issues is more likely to be violating the USB standard than a laptop USB port.

  • How does removing a feature save hassle? Also you should update the description: "SparkFun's development board for this processor provides an FT232 to support a UART over USB"

  • The catch is that it's not made by hakko. It's made by some chinese company to look exactly like the hakko. Maybe they even stole the designs to it. But most likely it's using cheaper processes, cheaper components, with less Q&A, etc. That's not to say it's bad though, sfun seems to think highly of it, and I tend to trust their judgement.

  • Will there ever be more of these? I kinda want to make this project, having a premade wall plate would save me a bunch of work.

  • It's not really that big of a deal, obviously this is not for battery powered operation, since you're plugged into the wall anyway. When you've got 120V and (up-to) 10A, 5V at 0.04A doesn't seem like that much.
    The driver circuit itself is pretty simple, a single resistor and a single transistor.

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