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  • So I tried the unit last night out on my deck in-between the rain / snow that we got and it did some funky stuff. It would pretty consistently see 5 to 7 satellites for a few seconds right after a cold boot, but would then just basically give up and bounce between only seeing 1 or 2 after that. I tried loading AGPS data from the internet and it kept doing the same thing. When I did a warm start it seemed to just keep bouncing between the same few sats that it did after it lost the ~7 from a cold start.

  • I have not tried it outside yet with a external power supply, I'm going to try that tonight before I contact your tech support dept. As far as motor interference the quad is still in pieces in my basement so right now its just sitting on a breadboard. I am working out a shielding solution for the final pcb though. I'm also open to suggestions for a per-shielded version that might be a better fit.

  • GPS-00177 ... I think a few other people have recommended that one in various places

  • I was wondering if anyone else was having a lot of issues getting this gps to get a fix. I'm using it in a quad-rotor I'm working on but can't seem to get it to lock onto anything. I hooked it up to 3.3v via a atx power supply and then used a ftdi cable with the grounds tied to get the information back to my pc and left it for probably about 4 hours while I watched tv and it still didn't manage to get a lock on anything. Wondering if anyone had any advice. Thanks!

  • We used this same connector on a autonomous robot I worked on in college for the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. Great connectors, ours have been on the platform for 4 years and have held up awesome!

  • We used some escap P110 68's that we had kicking around our robotics lab. The data sheet can be found here for the motors.

    I'd say any small steppers would work fine for a platform of about the same size, our biggest problem is the plastic omni wheels slipping due to a lack of traction, not a lack of motor power.

    If you have more questions let me know.

  • One trick you can try for stuff like the 100 pin ATMega 2560 and the FTDI chips is whats known as "drag soldering". Personally it's the technique I use as its quick and cheap, no added costs other than an iron and the standard spool of solder. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you do you can use it for a very wide variety of parts (and yes, I've replaced the micro on a Arduino Mega with this method). This is a pretty good source for learning more about it

  • We (my robotics club) wanted to use this board to drive a development platform that we built. The issue is since its a ground based platform we have to move all 4 motors at once, we also only had an Arduino (regular, not a mega) on the platform.

    I took the example library and modified it to work with the large expansion header, and also changed it to work with an Arduino. Here's a video of our test platform: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9lyeU3BPmY

    Here is the source of the modified library and a example Arudino sketch: https://github.com/ubrobotics/Sparkfun-Quadstepper-Motor-Board

    Let me know if you have questions!

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