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  • Product WRL-08664 | about 4 years ago

    hey…i have an led on pin 6…however it is constantly high…do i need to connect a resistor in series and ground it..wat should be the value of it???

  • Product ROB-08782 | about 4 years ago

    i had bought the six pin nano muscle…the followin pin config was used:
    pin 1 not connected
    pin 2 ground
    pin 3 +V 2.5 V to 9V
    pin 4 Extended
    pin 5 Contracted
    pin 6 not connected
    A AAA battery was connected , however no output was observed. Can anyone suggest where have i gone wrong? I have also tried connecting 9V battery but in vain. Do i have to attatch a resistor in series with my battery? Is the battery enough to provide the reuired current? Please help. Urgent

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