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  • I have used this unit. It is nice for what it does but it is severely limited by the available USB bandwidth. It does not buffer any data, rather is streams to the PC.
    Consider the zeroplus http://www.zeroplus.com.tw/logic-analyzer_en/
    Their 100mhz 16 channel unit with the small data buffer is $125. It has far nicer trigger options but more importantly a protocol analyzer that shows each message with a time stamp.
    No linux/mac support so I must use a VM.
    Crazy english translation
    Stiff wires instead of the nice flexy wires of the logic.
    Small data buffer unless you buy the high priced one.
    Waiting for a trigger seems to use a LOT of CPU (makes my laptop fans spin up)
    No INFINITE memory allowed by streaming to the PC
    No USB bandwidth restrictions.
    Better protocol analysis support.
    Better software (ignoring the translation issues)
    Plug in modules for more protocols
    API for more protocols
    API/DLL’s for writing your own GUI/Test tools

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