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  • I’m looking at using this module with the Raspberry Pi. Since the Rpi uses 3.3v and this module appears to need 5v (based on the 3.3v LDO regulator usage), I’m wondering if I need to worry about this for the i2c interface. I know these are open drain lines, but since this board has pull-ups to VIN, will that cause problems?

    I’d rather not use level shifters if at all possible. If the differing levels would be a problem, I’m thinking I could either bypass the 3.3v regulator and power it with the 3.3v from the rpi (thus making VIN now 3.3v). Or, maybe the easiest thing would be to remove the 4.7k pull-ups on this board. Since the Rpi already has pull-ups, would this work?

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