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  • I’m in the process of doing this myself, I was wondering if you could be a little clearer on the connections between the ipod serial board and the Pro Mini; I’m a little new to Arduino, my expertise is in the automotive field. All the pictures show the top of the board, I can’t really see where the connections are being made, if you had a schematic that would be great too. I don’t know what your link policy is, but there are a lot of Mazda 3 forums that have instructions that could show you how to make it so that your windows and sunroof will close when you leave the car as well. Also a better place to tap for power would have been right off the battery in the engine bay, the plastics in the cabin are flimsy and are liable to snap after being pulled apart a few times, being in the engine bay would have made it more accessible and would have made all the wire sniffing unnecessary; just a thought. Love your site though, I’ve been getting into this stuff in a big way lately and it’s been solely because of how accessible you guys have made this tech.

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