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  • Check out a software package called ServoBlaster. It moves some of the servo PWM off the CPU and uses hardware peripherals to generate a much nicer servo PWM. Supports up to 8 servos.

  • They are signal inverters. the 2 pins going in to the L298 have to be opposite polarity to change the direction, if they are the same it effectively turns on the fast-stop mode. Apparently Sparkfun put theses signal inverters there so that one signal going in is the opposite of the other signal going in. This reduces the required pin count needed and slightly simplifies the coding.

  • Looking at the datasheet for the L298H, it looks as if the logic supply voltage must be at least 4.5V, but the schematics for this shield show a solder jumper that selects 3.3V or 5V logic. I just wanted to confirm that this can in fact run at a lower voltage. What I really want to do is use two 3.7V LiPos in parallel to supply an atmega328 and this to drive the tamiya twin gear box. If someone has gotten this to work or similar, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Am I reading the datasheet right, it takes 1.4V to switch the load?

  • Also, the ipod touch has a 3.3v uart in the dock connector, so you could just use that with a micro with custom firmware if you really wanted.

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