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  • News - SparkFun in MicroCenter | about 3 years ago

    i went to my local microcenter and i asked for an arduino. first it was $13 more expensive two they didn’t know what an arduino was. i didn’t buy it there and order one from an internet store near my house and went to pick it up

  • Product DEV-10356 | about 3 years ago

    Saddly you can’t bitbang these easy.
    if you are confortable with soldering you can try get a avr programer such as the USBtinyISP from Adafruit or get one from sparkfun such as the STK500 USB Programmer and use the arduino IDE to reprogram Bootloader

  • Product DEV-10356 | about 3 years ago

    Quote: when was the last time you managed to destroy an ATmega328 and needed to repair an Arduino board?
    my answer: about half a project ago

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