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  • Works great with the BOB-00199 and a DB-25 for a USB to Serial break out box.
    The DB-25 alowed me access to all BOB-00199 and BOB-08745 ports.
    I now have Lo/Hi voltage TTL, GPIO’s, serial, reset/suspend and 3.3v/5v all on the DB-25 jack.
    You wont find a USB to RS-232 converter in any big box store that can give this kind of flexibility.
    I would have liked two through holes (redundant) for each connection.
    This would give a little bit more flexibility in some situations.
    Not a big deal and most of the time this wouldn’t be needed, just nice to have…

  • Very nice box. I would have liked some rubber stick on feet for the bottom. I will have to get some from Wally-World on my next trip there.
    It was just the right size once the other components and hook up wires were installed.
    At first, I thought is was too big. I used all the space!
    I used my soldering iron to make rough openings and then a small file to shape and smooth the cutouts until the USB and DB-25 jacks fit.
    Clear plastic is a great way to show off DIY projects.
    I feel it also encourages one to improve their craftsmanship since everyone can see inside.

  • In hind sight, I should have bought a few more of these. $4 is a steal.

  • Works great with my Powemac G5 to give CAT control to my Kenwood TS-450s and other transceivers. I also added the voltage converter B.O.B. and used a DB-25 to make a B.O. Box for serial communications. This is my first order from Sparkfun and I am extremely impressed with all aspects. Well done!

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