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Let's add some electricity to your favorite things. I take a LEGO® speeder from Star Wars® and use Arduino to give it a little something extra.

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  • Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading

  • Thanks for reading! As for the limiting resistors, the white LED requires an input voltage of 3.2-3.4V and has a maximum current of 20mA. The blue LEDs require an input voltage of 3.0-3.4V and also shouldn't exceed 20mA of current. The board I used runs at 3.3V logic and with the small lithium ion battery I used, the current draw was well below the maximum values. I didn't include limiting resistors in mine so I could get a nice brightness out of the blue LEDs but for longevity sake I completely agree that adding limiting resistors is a great idea.

    And I remember building sets that included gears too. They definitely add a functionality to the set that I always really appreciated.

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