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  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but you’re in first place. Blue shell maybe?

  • Does anyone know of good solution for powering this board with batteries.

  • If you also wanted to incorporate this into a two person kill bill costume you could use infrared receivers and transmitters to trigger the “kill sound” when Uma Thurman (Beatrix Kiddo) gets close to one of her enemies.

  • Kung Fu Costume: This in addition to the lilyPad accelerometer in the sleeve of the costume and possibly a flexible speaker. When you swing you arms through the air you get the whoosh sound. When your arm suddenly decelerates (because you have landed a blow) you get the impact noise i.e. smack/crunch. Alternatively one could use an force sensor to trigger the impact noise.

  • Jake from inventory attends the 3:00am Sparkfun nocturnal employee meeting.

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