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  • Try dd command in MAC. This works for me it takes half a day but it works.

  • Hi sparkfun, where can I get a break-out board for the GPIO, the headers of the PI-TOPceed is not the same size as the PI cable. I saw in the pi-top website that they sell this proto-board but it says that I have to pay custom duties if I order from them. Are you going to sell this proto-board?

  • Reversed RX and TX and it worked

  • try reversing the TX and RX

  • I have a very old BlueSmirf gold the one that was being sold year 2006. It used to work with my laptop with windows XP, I know those were replaced by this new model. My question is to sparkfun engineers or any who had encountered this problems, can you use the old bluesmirf with newer operating system like windows 8.1 or are there incompatibilities with Bluetooth stack and old bluesmirf firmware? Do you have to use this new model?

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