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  • I did something similar to this for my boyfriend's valentine's day present, except I used an Arduino Pro Mini, an RFID sensor, and a Webkinz. Needless to say, it was not $25, but he has the added bonus of reprogramming his stuffed leopard's heart to blink however way he chooses!

  • Try the Discovery Science Center in Orange County, CA. Their gift shop is full of hands-on science projects as well as arts and crafts. I bet they'd even like a workshop or something hands-on too--they always seem to have traveling exhibitions and community events to get kids tinkering and thinking with their hands :)

    Right now, they're hosting a traveling Star Wars Exhibition where, while looking at costumes and movie props, the kids can also learn about maglift trains and then build and program their own "droid".

  • upvote for you, sir

  • I tried to upvote this...no lie. I could not figure out why I couldn't for a solid 5 seconds.

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    whale! Am I doing it right?

  • never mind, my problem seemed to be that my SD card was too big--I got a 2GB card instead of 4 and now it works.

  • I can't get my logomatic to run the initial startup. I formatted my SD card to FAT16, inserted it into the card slot, and supplied power using an external battery (i tried this using the white power connector and the "batt" pin). The "USB" light comes turns on, and after maybe 10 seconds, the "STAT1" and "STAT0" lights turn on and stay on. I do not see any lights "blink reassuringly and then go quiet" like the datasheet says it should, and it never creates the configuration file on the SD card. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?