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  • I've connect my 6DOF Xbee using a hyperterminal I received HEX code... but I dont understand what does that means... there's an example
    0x00 0x5F 0x0F 0xBF 0xBA 0x3B 0xBF 0xA1
    0x0F 0x7F 0x04 0x7F 0x0A 0x29 0x5F 0x0D
    0xBF 0x5D 0x3B 0xBF 0xA1 0x0F 0x7F 0x04
    0x7F 0x0A 0x29 0x5F 0x0B 0xBF 0xBA 0x37
    0xBF 0xA1 0x0D 0x7F 0x82 0x2B 0x29 0x5F
    0x09 0xBF 0x5D 0x3F 0xBF 0xA1 0x0F 0x7F
    0x82 0x29 0x29 0x5F 0x07 0xBF 0x5D 0x3D
    Received: 0xBF 0xA1 0x0B 0x7F 0x04 0x7F 0x0A 0x29
    Received: 0x5F 0x05 0xBF 0xBA
    Received: 0x43 0xBF 0x86 0x0D 0x7F 0x04 0x7F 0x0A 0x29
    somebody help me please... where is the begging of the data frame... and where's the stop frame!! THKS!!!

  • How I need to connect it for using in labview???'???

  • Hi everybody Where are the outputs for gyro and acelerometer??? X Y Z and what i supose to receive. I need to make an application using LabView help me please!! thanks everybody!!

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