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  • One of the other micro motors you sell has a ratio of 298:1. Is this more precise or is that just the product name?

  • I’ll try it and report back. That link seemed to say they needed the resistors because their IO logic pins were ~4v. Stm32 is 3.3v :)

  • Does it make a difference if I’m using an STM32F4 to drive it? I won’t bit bang, I’ll be using the SDIO hardware feature of the chip? I have internal resistors, they’re not strong enough?

    I’ve been working with SD cards for a long time now using this chip. But they’ve always been on the same board.

  • Do I need to add anything to this or can I wire it directly to my microprocessor board? I know normally there are some pull up/down resistors.

  • lol, according to your link the 13MP Galaxy S4 is better than a Cannon 5D Mark II 21MP DSLR. …I’m guessing the person in charge of uploading those pics owns the Galaxy.

  • …Yes and yes, using the serial interface. Check the video on this page at 6:05. The interface is simple.

  • lol, their video didn’t render in IE10 (with or without compatibility view). Thanks. …Seriously though, embedded YouTube videos work on every other site. I think SparkFun should checkout their markup.

  • How fast does this operate? My problem with fingerprint scanners (I use them on a daily basis) is speed. The ones I use have to be swiped, which doesn’t always work, and then there’s a lag (probably due to windows). …Before I buy one of these I want to make sure it’ll be nearly instantaneous.

  • Are you using 9600 baud?

  • I love this device. I just received it and within 10 minutes I was up and running my own AdHoc WiFi network, viewing data on my WiFly connected FEZ Cerbunio Bee from the browser.

    Next I want to setup the WiFly to automatically transmit data on the sensors via WiFi/HTTP to a listening server. This works fine in the FEZ Cerbuino Bee, but when I try the WiFly alone, with only power and ground connected, it connects every 5 seconds to my HTTP server but it doesn’t post any data (aside from the HELLO I set as the static connection greeting).

    Any ideas? Do I need more than power and ground connected to run the WiFly all by itself?

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