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  • Now. It’s some time after your flight, but congrats! I had my first flight January 16th 2011 (look at my blog here) .I used exactly the same balloon. Actually my flight was more adventrous as I landed in the middle of the swiss alps: No great planes here! I used cheap GPS trackes and had hevy troubles. Actually I want to use a copernicus GPS for a second flight, but I have some other project to finish before. I got about 11Km data link from a 22mW xBee with spider antenna on TX and biquad on rx. sadly high power xBees are strictly forbidden here and the 915Mhz Range is reserved for cellular. I used the HAb board from Sparkfun that is discontinued nou and it was reall useful. As my onboard logging GPS failed the pressure informatiosn where the only indication of the altitude reached. maybe I will fly again, but I want to use an autopilot and some kind of high speed glider, as I don’t want to land close to the 2nd longest european river and a highway again (that happaned in my first flight). HAB here in Europe andspecially Svitzerland is really new, and I was (I guess) the 3rd one doing this here. Some other points: - I used too much He (ybout 3 m3… no idea how much in cubic Ft as we don’t use body parts to measure things here ;-)), so the ballon bursted too early. Anyway around 22'500m. But I wanted to reach at least 30'000. I had a climb rate of 6m/s. - Heating the box was a good idea. But some hand hheaters bags where enough. No need of some electrical heating. I tested in the freezer for 24hrs at -18C.

  • Hi, Folks. I did it! Here is my Blog: http://swisshab.blogspot.com/
    Mainly SparkFun Stuff.

  • The BMP085 seems to work over its specs . I had in the log of my flight last sunday readings of 34hPa, that is around 21'000. I guess the specs are written that way because the engineers had no enough immagination to think about such an use of that sensor. I had more troubles with the venus GPS that stopped to work at 5000m.

  • It would be a good idea to put the OpenLog device to the related products. For a newbie it’s hard to understand the implicit needed hardware for such a project.

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