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  • Anyone know if a pot modification will work on this servo? I see it can do continous rotation, but I just need a wider range not infinite. Also, is anyone able to find stall current or at least peak current they have seen?

  • just saw this posted on wired
    Balloon, no more of that, time for something bigger.

  • Seems like you could probably build a program that spit out the GPS coordinates into Google earth. I believe GE will also take in data from a GPS system so you could see just how far you are from the box at any given moment.
    Some other idea's, streamers. It may be easier to spot a brightly colored streamer floating in the breeze than a box that has splashed down in a puddle of mud. A brightly colored parachute, box, and rigging accomplish the same.
    Waterproofing. doesn't have to be air tight but a flooded ditch is just as capable of ruining 800 in parts as a 100,000ft fall.
    Binoculars. If you can relate a direction between you and the box binoculars may let you get a glimpse of the box coming down or any other markers on the box in a field without much trapsing around.
    No idea how practical any of these are but they are my gut insticts on the matter. Cool project in any event.

  • sounds like you guys got something to work on this summer. Build the game board right and you can use it for all sorts of multiplayer live games. Human checkers or chess. Stratigo, battleship might even work. You'll have to play around with the rules but live human scale board games could be a lot of fun.

  • small nit pick but I couldn't help but notice your staff hoodies have the wrong logo, lightning bolt instead of the SF Flame.

  • Lead absorbance in adults is only 10%. (this is via ingestion not skin contact) This means that you would have to ingest 5.6 grams of lead to pass the threshold of lead poisoning. (100mg/L of blood) In 63/37 tin/lead solder that equates to 15grams of solder, in your mouth. Is lead dangerous? Sure, if you are not careful, washing your hands, avoiding eye/nose/mouth/ear contact, common sense. Be more careful about storage in areas where kids might get their hands on it as their absorbance is much higher 40-60%. But as with all things not meant for kids that's a given. In a landfill lead acid batteries contribute more lead to the environment than do electronics. That's not going to stop the anti-lead groups though and we'll all have to make the switch eventually. Do your own research and make up your own mind.

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