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  • I tried all the different baudrates. I think the shield itself is set on the wrong one and I am still struggeling to change it. I displays that and then nothing else.

  • I just bought this module and hooked it up to my Arduino Uno. I keep getting this output:

    Starting SM5100B Communication...

    I seems as if something is not connecting properly or so. How can I resolve this issue?

  • What is not included with this to connect an Arduino Uno to the web? Do I only need to order an antenna and headers?

  • Where in the code can you change or set the pins used? (A4 & A5)

  • What is the product id for that transistor on Sparkfun's product list? I searched but could not find it. It's called BSS138 or as the product's datasheet also calls it "N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor". Is there maybe a non SMD equivalent on this site that I could rather use on my breadboard?

  • Looks cool! I am planning on powering my project from a car-battery (lead-acid 12v) If I use a 5V regulator and then connect this board, will the connected LiPo act as a backup when the 12V is n/a and my device is connected to the SYS OUT?
    Another Q: Is this device capable of powering two batteries at once? (Since it has two connection spots for batteries)

  • I am completely new to GSM modules and have 2 questions:
    1) Can you operate this with only using pins +Vbat, GND, TX0, RX0?
    2) Do I have to buy an separate antenna for this to work?
    Thank you

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