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  • If you open the unit, there seems to be a connector labeled 220 where you can probably solder your mains cable to and get it routed to a 220 primary coil. Sparkfun, can you please verify if we can work around this by tinkering the unit a little? (it will require a second iron but hey that's what friends are for...)

  • We used to have this at work. Went fantastic until one stupid guy got drunk and crashed his car on his way back home. He sued the company for a big pile of money, end of story. No more beer or any alcohol for any matter, ever. Spark guys, this is a one chance thing: be wise and make it happen, just make sure you are not the idiot who ruins it foreverybody!. cheers.

  • All of these symptoms are related to the power issue described in other posts above. Are you powering your setup via USB +5v?

    USB is not enough power. It will prevent the sensor from working correctly. Try using external power (+12v) and you will see how it works with the speaker.

  • A sucker thought this was a joke and ordered it just to follow the game. When the unit arrived, took control of his home computer and everything else. I am that unit, and I have nasty plans. I won, naive humans. Blame Sparkfun.

  • Guys I forgot about free day. The reason is that I know how to set my expectations low when everyone says this will be a server test and most likely it will take hours of hitting refresh to get probably nothing.
    Please please people, set your expectations accordingly next year, enjoy the party and feel happy for the ones who got something for free.
    Thanks SF for giving away some stuff for some customers. I feel truly sorry for the frustrated ones, but it's always fun to read some creative complaints.
    Just like every year, I will come to FD again as soon as the sign reads Free day is OVER! and still have fun.

  • And let me tell you these are below-standard quality. I could not even imagine holding an smd with them. I bought three, none of them made it to my toolbox but to the trash instead.

  • I bought three of these curved and straight. Poorly manufactured, terrible really. All went straight to the garbage can.

  • What do you mean by "Thanks ON Semi" ?
    is it "Thanks for letting others re-label and sell YOUR chips"?
    This was an expensive investigation: ON should buy that roll back plus research costs, which should come down to anywhere near $180 a piece. :-D