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  • OMG, I would caution anyone thinking of ordering a rubber conductor strip from that link I provided earlier.
    It has been several weeks with no email communications from the vendor. No product has arrived. I just called their customer support to get status. The customer support rep wouldn’t tell me if it had been shipped or not, just offered to refund or re-ship. After choosing re-ship, the lady wanted me to repeat and spell out my shipping address at the top of my lungs about 10 times before she could hear or understand. I think she was probably in India. After the nth time trying to “spell out” the number ‘9’ for her, I just wanted a refund, but she wouldn’t let me choose that option now.
    edit 01/15/2011
    Today my rubber conductor strips have finally arrived from Hong Kong. The shipping invoice lists 1/7/2011, so I think these are a result of my phone call to the customer support rep in India, not an original shipment from my online order made back in December.
    I tried one of them out with my sparkfun LCD. It works! My firmware code will need some tweaking to support the quirks of this LCD chip as others have mentioned, but so far it is (faintly) displaying some legible text.

  • I haven’t gotten mine yet to try out yet, but this website claims to sell the rubber conductor for this LCD:

  • According to the DX website linked, “Dimensions: 0.31 in x 0.04 in x 0.04 in (0.8 cm x 0.1 cm x 0.1 cm).” Looking at that with my calipers, it seems like it would be perhaps a tad too short.

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