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  • What rules govern the "less than $350" determination? If someone scores an originally $500.00 electric RC car for $0.50 on eBay, is the value of the part $0.50 or $500.00?

  • SparkFun Human Breakout Board v0.1

  • According to the schematics, the board also includes a Pressure sensor (BMP085) which is not called out in the description above. It appears that the sensor is installed in the picture as well.

  • Link to schematic appears to be broken.

  • Cart loaded and ready...Check.
    Online half hour before start...Check.
    Watching official NIST MST clock...Check.
    Try for hour and a half to pay for items...Check.
    Actually get to order confirmation...Fail.
    Oh well! Thank you SparkFun for your generosity, even though I could not take advantage of it. Truly awesome!

  • I have used SPARC servers almost every workday for over twelve years. I have been a SparkFun customer/fan for several years now. It never once occurred to me that SPARC and SparkFun are phonetically similar.
    This is ludicrous.

  • Awesome!
    Once again, you guys freely impart another chunk of hard earned wisdom for the betterment of the public.
    Thank you for the tutorial. I will put it to good use.

  • For brick and mortar: SFE's protoboards, jumper wires, and 0.1" headers/connectors. Why doesn't RadioShack carry 0.1" headers?
    For SFE online: more breakout boards for analog devices (i.e. rail-to-rail opamps, instrumentation opamps, ADCs/DACs). The more general purpose/configurable the better.
    I always come to SFE for the unique breakout boards and the hard-to-find components. For general purpose components, I can always source them elsewhere.

  • (continued due to character limits)
    I have been a long time fan of Sparkfun, but the previous layout wasn't "broke" so why "fix" it? The only positive that I can give is that the PCB graphic at the top and the logo/slogan graphic at the bottom are nice.

  • Bad design. My two cents...
    1)Color scheme is a step back. Not enough contrast. The previous color choices were much better.
    2)Rendering issues of Products area in Firefox.
    3)Having the main area framed by two sidebar areas shrinks the main area.
    4)The previous layout looked much more refined with the rounded edges. Boxes just look unfinished.
    5)Layout of product info is a step back. The previous layout flowed along with exactly how the page would be browsed.

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