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  • To continue…
    Some people I know say that using .Net is like eating Pringles - once you pop, you can’t stop. :) Meaning once you’ve coded in .Net, the world now means .Net because the IDE is beautiful.
    But still Arduino code is a lot easier to grasp for beginning microcontroller programming.

  • You have a point there joshi. However, the kits we do use are, by heart, meant for prototyping. In the case of the Netduino, it is not comparable (or a competition) with the Arduino in my opinion. It is totally a new world. Arduinos are meant for the people who are not into programming (ie, designers or hobbyists) however the Netduino caters to a specific bunch of people (and there are a lot) who already have a strong foundation in programming .Net. Also, I think the standard ‘workflow’ if I would put it into context on how to use these development boards will be: 1) think of an idea; 2) conceptualize the design; 3) prototype the design using the dev boards; 4) test the design; 5) contact a manufacturer; 6) let the manufacturer check the program and decide on what we would need (ie, RAM size, components needed); 7) design the actual product with less components (does not mean that the MCU is the same, can be cheaper); 8) produce the circuit board; 9) test the circuit board; 10) tada! the final product!

  • I hope this helps:

  • I ordered this and from the Netduino website it says there that the packaging is a “pouch” and on another website it is on a blue box. May I know which one will you ship?
    Also, from the site there is a Netduino Plus on beta (http://www.netduino.com/netduinoplus/specs.htm). It has a built in micro SD Card reader as one of the added features. Would you also be offering this on your shop?

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