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  • Will y'all be releasing schematics for these breakout boards at any point?

  • So I've used purely Fluke meters for many years now, and since they've all been the stock yellow cased multimeters, at first glance your meter does look like a Fluke (pun completely intended). Now, I don't think that's so much of an issue, I mean, it's a meter, and for me personally, I associate yellow meter case with fluke, but that's just because 9 out of 10 meters I see are just that, yellow Flukes. It seems like most of your customers wouldn't make that distinction, and the odds of your meter ever making into a 600v electrical house/distribution panel/etc seem very slim.

    Basically, I understand how you could get the confused at a glance, but I don't think it's an issue, since it's rare that these two meters might cross paths. Certainly not such a big deal that it's worth confiscating 2,000 meters from a small company for...

  • I'd really suggest you go with the 87. It's probably a little more expensive than the 117, but it's about the only meter you'll ever need. Measures anything imaginable and does a really good job at it.

    Ok, maybe not anything. But darn close.

  • It's worth a mention that new PLC's are entirely capable, can be fault tolerant and completely redundant, with hot swap modules and redundant fiber optic network and I/O connections. Some have web servers built in and can speak many, many protocols for communication. They're programmed in standard text based languages if need be. It's not fair to give a bad impression of something by using old technology and only giving a one sentence mention to the newer models(which aren't actually too new) that do things well beyond the capabilities of those ancient dinosaurs. I work on Siemens S7-400H systems all day so I may be a bit defensive. But it deserves more a mention then what new PLC's got.

  • And kicking off the Doctor Seuss category...

  • Expecting any more of these? They just seem really cool(pun intended).

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