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Phil Hutchinson

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  • Dave is apparently no longer content with playing second banana to Robert.

  • Are you talking about the place in Seattle? Different company. This product is from Synapse Wireless down in Alabama.

    Synapse in Seattle is indeed a really cool place. I failed the interview, unfortunately... :-)

  • Sorry, strike that. It helps if you don't mix up the SDA and SCL connections. Now that I have fixed that, I am able to poll both the real-time clock on the Adafruit data-logger shield and the BMP085 pressure sensor using the same Wire library. At the same time, I am also able to write files to the SD card on the data-logger shield as well, but that's via SPI, so no surprise there.

  • I'm trying to do just that and am having problems. If I comment out my pressure sensor code, the real-time clock works fine. If I comment out my real-time clock code, the pressure sensor works fine. However, having both sets of code enabled causes my Arduino to seize up.

  • I bought the old (red) version of this device right before the new (green) one came out. In addition to all the pins that the new one has, the old one has two more pins labeled "PD" and "TRIG." What do I do with those?

  • This is great for us noobs. Thanks!<br />
    <br />
    The picture in the timing diagrams section seems to be missing at the moment.

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