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  • Just received this board and alas, much to my chagrin, I’m having trouble playing the sample .wav files with the test button. When I power up, my LED blinks 8 times rapidly - not the magic 3. At least I count 8. The heart beat blink continues thereafter. Then the button press seems to do nothing, and shorting the triggers also gives no response. I am powering with ~6.5V, no .init file (though I did try one to enable the amp and use a speaker), and some little stereo speakers. Mostly wondering why I get 8 blinks since I see no reference to that anywhere…

    I’d keep banging my head on this and never ask, but I’m too excited to play with it so I have come seeking help. Thanks so much - and I hope my board is OK!

  • And that, ladies and gentleman, is how I converted my old howitzer into a hobbyist-friendly, 4000W soldering iron.

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