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  • Thanks for sharing this @M-Short, I forked your repo and generated a Datasheet for the Photon. There is a pull request for you on your repo that also includes my version of the python script since I made some changes.

  • This is the best article I have read in my entire life. Not because of its journalistic merits but because it articulates so well a question I ask myself. My take is the journey is the best part and I am a professional Yak shaver(thank you for letting me add that to my vernacular). Here is a brief recap of my Yak shaving side trips. I finally received my photon in August (probably my 20th MCU) so I could water my plants in my office window sil. -Oh I should do it for my rain barrel and my hanging plants outside too - learn about pumps - buy three to find the one with the right head for the hanging plants - find 1/4 tube manfold - learn about aquarium lifter pumps - buy one - learn about diastolic pumps - buy 2 - thanks for Amazon prime - I should try an oled on there so I can display the moisture sensor and ds18b20 - buy some oleds - Oh cool sparkfun has an oled shield for the photon - oh and some photon proto shields get some too - oh the oled is awesome I need to build a menu system - find a rotary encode - learn about rotary encoder - try to build a encoder library for the photon - too hard give up - I think I need an environmental enclosure - spend several weeks and become obsessed with environmental enclosure - add relay tail - drill hole for relay tail - hmm that should be better - spend two days learning about cable glands and buy a bunch of different sizes - now I have run out of storage for the inexpensive things I have amassed - buy Stanley 014725 25 removable compartment organizers - oh cool - design a rolling rack for a bunch of these like Adam savage has - back to moisture sensors... The summer is over and my plants are still being watered by hand. All this does not include the miscellaneous sensors I have found along the way and have palyed with. I am up to my waste in Yak hair but the journey has been great. Pearce I am sending you a case of beer thanks again for the great article.

  • Somewhere I saw that you will be selling this soil moisture sensor by itself. Any idea when we can expect that product?

  • Can we get a wiring digram for the RGB pins? A wiring diagram from that matches the video would be great. Someone posted we need to use a NPN for them. I went straight to the Arduino via 270 Ohm measure 5 volts but still know light. Put 5V from my bench power supply to another one (I bought three) and heard a pop. I have never used an RGB led but it seems pretty straight forward. I am using the breakout board and agree it covers all but one row on breadboard so I put some right angle headers on the extra ABC (encoder side) so I could use the one row on my breadboard for the RGB.

  • Awesome product. If you want to use this with i2c your soldering (really de-soldering) skills should be at 11. The jump pads are very close together, but making the jumps are not too bad. I did have to fix one after I mine did not power up (Member #620683 I would check this first) However setting the BS1 jumper to 1 means you have to desolder the default (0) jumper. This took me a while since I have not mastered desolder at such a small scale, but eventually confirmed with my multi meter that I successfully broke my jump. This is such an awesome product I don't think I would buy another 16x2 lcd again. I just wish Sparkfun we sell a version with the default i2c jumpers already set (hint hint). Again thanks for make such great products. I love this.

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